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Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's time to go...February 27, 2013

The long awaited time has finally come. It was a shorter wait than some have, but the excitement made it seem longer. Everything was packed...well almost everything, and so we started down the road. A lot of thoughts were going on in all of our heads as we were wondering what was in store. Who was Jordann's companion going to be, was she going to eat well, etc. After a stop at Wendy's so Jordann could have a bacon cheeseburger and chili cheese fries, although I'm not sure why she chose that combination, we finished our trek to the MTC. We shortly arrived and what an amazing site to see! The sidewalk was full of elders saying hello in all different languages waving as we drove down the driveway to the designated stop. As we got out of the car to get Jordann's suitcases, we were told we had about two minutes. WOW that was a quick two minutes! Just enough time to snap a few pictures and give hugs to all. The elders took her bags, and she followed them up to the doors but not without turning around to give one last wave with a great smile on her face that the time was finally here to start her next journey.

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